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Butterfly Kisses

Belfast Academy Matric Farewell

Location_ Silver Sixpence, Belfast

Date_ 23 October 2015

Once a year I get the opportunity to turn girls into ladies for their last school celebration. Belfast Academy High School held there annual matric farewell at the Silver Sixpence Venue, where I transformed three lovely students from aspiring caterpillars into butterflies ready to take on the world with their inner and outer beauty.

It is with these kind of events that one experiences the power and ability of make-up - especially with MUD's Air brush Technique. By applying it minimalistic and adding touches of colour a person’s skin tone brightens up and accentuate the young and sparkling eyes.

Add a beautiful dress and any girl will feel like Cinderella on her night at the ball.

This whole occasion brings to my mind the words of the well-known song of Bob Carlisle ‘Butterfly kisses’: 'She's looking like her Mamma a little more every day, one part woman the other part girl, to perfume and make-up from ribbons and curls, trying her wings out in a great big world.'

They grow up so quickly… The pride and joy of their parents and siblings make it more than worthwhile to be part of this special day! I hope that they felt like Princesses when they bid their school years farewell with hearts full of hope and dreams for an adventurous and wonderful future. May they be inspired to always let their inner beauty shine through and touch the lives of the people around them.